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  • Blue Ocean Academy™

    Learn and apply the concepts of Blue Ocean Shift and seize new opportunities with confidence.

    The Official Blue Ocean Online Learning, Training, Coaching, Workshop, Webinar, Seminar,
    Executive Roundtable, Business Consulting & Leadership Transformation

  • Diversity & Inclusion Youth Conference™

    Our mission is to catalyze and mobilize social changes with our business beliefs, practices and profits.

    Our corporate social responsibility programs are particularly targeted at youths and education with the main program being the annual Diversity & Inclusion Youth Conference (DIYC)


We design strategies that create value for your business and customers. We work with start-ups, educators and technologists to transform businesses, progress society and sustain our environment.

Our Global Partner

Blue Ocean Academy™ transforms the way we learn and apply the concepts of blue ocean, where creative ideas are conceived and where new market spaces are created.

Blue Ocean Academy™ delivers a suite of education and training programs for educators, students, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, non-profit volunteers and government servants. Our programs and services are delivered via a cloud and mobile platform within the “Blue Ocean Studio™”, a creative work space where you can apply the concepts of blue ocean through the use of the tools and frameworks, anytime, anywhere and on any device. Blue Ocean Studio™ is also used to deliver our coaching and consulting services to you, both online and on-site, led by industry experienced blue ocean practitioners from around the world.

Blue Ocean Studio™ empowers individuals to achieve collective wisdom and team buy-in which enables strategy execution to take place during strategy formulation. Visual communication is another hallmark of Blue Ocean Studio™ which helps individuals to focus on the big picture and helps them to arrive at a common vision and direction.

  • Blue Ocean

    • Create | Communicate | Collaborate
  • Blue Ocean
    Practical Introduction™

    • Online Self-Directed Course
  • Blue Ocean

    • Audio-Visual Guide to Blue Ocean Studio™
  • Blue Ocean

    • 3-Day Open Workshop
  • Blue Ocean
    Consulting™ (Workshop)

    • 3 - 5 Days In-house Custom Workshop
  • Blue Ocean

    • Half-Day Seminar
  • Blue Ocean
    In-Action™ (Sales)

    • 2-day In-House Workshop
  • Blue Ocean
    In-Action™ (Recruitment)

    • 2-day In-House Workshop
  • Blue Ocean

    • On-Site Education Workshop
  • Blue Ocean
    Consulting™ (Project)

    • Business Consulting
  • Blue Ocean

    • Half-Day Executive Roundtable
  • Blue Ocean
    Leadership Coaching™

    • Personal and Team
  • Blue Ocean
    Leadership Consulting™

    • Organization Transformation

Our Amazing Team

Our team of specialists, hailing from different corners of the globe, bring together a multi and cross-disciplinary approach to your projects.

Dr. Robert Bong

Project Lead, Director of Design

Lim Chin Chin

Principal Partner, Director of Client Relations

Malvina Herrnsdoff

Principal Partner, Director of Finance & Administration

Isabelle Roulet

Principal Partner, Director of Technology

Priya Pillai

Principal Partner, Director of Organizational Design and Talent Development

Gan Kah Liang

Principal Partner, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility

Justin Neo

General Counsel

Andy Chong

Principal Partner, Director of Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

Dr. Marilyn Langdon

Principal Partner, Director of Industry Research

Noor Nadira

Principal Partner, Director of Operations

Our Clients

What our clients say about us

  • Charles River Initiative for Creative Transformation has been an indispensable part of our business. CRICT has provided an important solution to creating value for the company’s projects. The team is wonderfully responsive, proactive and helpful.  I would absolutely recommend CRICT for any business looking to add value to the products or services.

    Susan Beaumont

  • We have had a wonderful experience working with CRICT. The team was able to successfully work with our team to develop responsive and value-added strategies. We will definitely use CRICT again to help our projects run smoothly.

    Theodore Cairnes

  • The CRICT team were enlightening to work with. We were able to develop important strategies that have added much in the way of development for our current and future projects. The team brought their combined experience to the table to create and facilitate value added thinking within our company. We are fully appreciative of the team and we would absolutely recommend them to any other business.

    Jonathan Hood

  • Our business was coasting along prior to working with CRICT. The team has helped us to move our business forwards and create value for our strategies. We were delighted by how responsive the team was to our needs and we are extremely pleased and pleasantly surprised by the outcomes. Our business has become stronger and more confident because of the value that CRICT brought to the table.

    Lim Bee Cheng

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